Genap 2015/2016


  1. C: How to Program. 3rd Ed. Deitel, H. M.and P. J. Deitel. Pearson Education Prentice Hall. Prentice-Hall, New Jersey.
  2. Problem Solving Basics and Computer Programming. A programming language independent companion to Roberge/Bauer/Smith, “Engaged Learning for Programming in C++: A Laboratory Course”, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2nd Edition, ¬©2001, ISBN 0763714232.¬†DOWNLOAD


  • [11/02/2016] Kontrak Perkuliahan (DOWNLOAD); Pendahuluan, Algoritme, Program Komputer, Pseudocode¬†(DOWNLOAD), Tugas #1 (via LMS-IPB).
  • [18/02/2016] Elemen Pseudocode (DOWNLOAD), Tugas #2 (via LMS-IPB).