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Halaman ini berisi hasil download jurnal, paper, artikel, tulisan lepas, white papers, dan sejenis yang bermanfaat untuk keperluan riset saya dan mahasiswa bimbingan pada bidang Information Retrieval.

Text Summarization

  • Anjali R. Deshpande, Lobo L. M. R. J. 2013. Text Summarization using Clustering Technique. International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology (IJETT) – Vol.4 Issue 8 – August 2013. PDF
  • Aristoteles, Yeni Herdiyeni, Ahmad Ridha and Julio Adisantoso. 2012. Text Feature Weighting for Summarization of Documents in Bahasa Indonesia Using Genetic Algorithm. JCSI International Journal of Computer Science Issues, Vol. 9, Issue 3, No 1, May 2012. PDF
  • Mohamed Abdel Fattah, and Fuji Ren. 2008. Automatic Text Summarization. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 37 2008. PDF
  • Gregorius S. Budhi, Rolly Intan, Silvia R., and Stevanus R. R. Indonesian Automated Text Summarization. Petra Christian University, Informatics Engineering Dept. PDF
  • Hongyan Jing. Sentence Reduction for Automatic Text Summarization. Department of Computer Science, Columbia University. PDF
  • Hongyan Jing and Kathleen R. McKeown. Cut and Paste Based Text Summarization. Department of Computer Science, Columbia University. PDF

Question Answering System

  • Lisa A. Ballesteros and Xiaoyan Li. 2007. Heuristic and Syntactic Scoring for Cross-language Question Answering. Proceedings of NTCIR-6 Workshop Meeting, May 15-18, 2007, Tokyo, Japan. PDF
  • Jim Cowie, Evgeny Ludovik, Hugo Molina-Salgado, Sergei Nirenburg & Svetlana Scheremetyeva. Automatic Question Answering. Computing Research Laboratory, NMSU, Dept 3CRL, Box 30001, Las Cruces, NM 88003, USA. PDF
  • Christof Monz. Document Retrieval in the Context of Question Answering. Language & Inference Technology, University of Amsterdam, Nieuwe Achtergracht 166, 1018 WV Amsterdam, The Netherlands. PDF

Text Classification and Clustering

  • Xiaohua Zhou, Xiaodan Zhang, Xiaohua Hu. Semantic Smoothing for Bayesian Text Classification with Small Training Data. PDF
  • Hassan Saif, Yulan He and Harith Alani. Semantic Smoothing for Twitter Sentiment Analysis. PDF
  • Xiaohua Zhou, Xiaodan Zhang, Xiaohua Hu. Semantic Smoothing for Bayesian Text Classification with Small Training Data. College of Information Science & Technology, Drexel University. PDF
  • Michael Steinbach, George Karypis, Vipin Kumar. A Comparison of Document Clustering Techniques. Department of Computer Science and Egineering, University of Minnesota. Technical Report #00-034. PDF
  • Mayank Prakash Jaiswal, and H. Chris Tseng. Clustering Blog Information. PDF
  • Matjaž Juršic, Nada Lavrac. Fuzzy Clustering of Documents. Department of Knowledge Discovery, Jozef Stefan Institute. PDF
  • Paolo Rosso, Edgardo Ferretti, Daniel Jiménez, and Vicente Vidal. Text Categorization and Information Retrieval Using WordNet Senses. Dept. of Computer Systems and Computation, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. PDF
  • Qiong Jackson and David Landgrebe. 2001. An Adaptive Classifier Design for High-Dimensional Data Analysis with a Limited Training Data Set. School of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Purdue University. PDF
  • Ron Bekkerman and James Allan. 2003. Using Bigrams in Text Categorization. Department of Computer Science, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 01003 USA. PDF

Query Expansion and Relevance Feedback

  • Djoerd Hiemstra and Stephen Robertson. Relevance Feedback for Best Match Term Weighting Algorithms in Information Retrieval. PDF
  • Bin Tan, Atulya Velivelli, Hui Fang, and ChengXiang Zhai. Term Feedback for Information Retrieval with Language Models. Dept. of Computer Science†, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. PDF
  • Shuguang Wang and Milos Hauskrecht. Effective Query Expansion with the Resistance Distance Based Term Similarity Metric. PDF
  • Hazra Imran and Aditi Sharan. 2009. Thesaurus and Query Expansion. International Journal of Computer science & Information Technology (IJCSIT), Vol 1, No 2, November 2009. PDF
  • Jinxi Xu and W. Bruce Croft. Query Expansion Using Local and Global Document Analysis. PDF
  • Jaime Arguello, Jonathan L. Elsas, Changkuk Yoo, Jamie Callan, Jaime G. Carbonell. Document and Query Expansion Models for Blog Distillation. Language Technologies Institute, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA, 15213. PDF

XML Retrieval

  • Charles L. A. Clarke. Controlling Overlap in Content Oriented XML Retrieval. School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo, Canada. PDF
  • Ing. Stefania Marrara. XML Retrieval: state of the art and new challenges. Parzialmente tratto da “Advances in XML retrieval: The INEX Initiative” di Norbert Fuhr. PPTPDF

IR Method

  • Sandor Dominich. PageRank: Quantitative Model of Interaction Information Retrieval. Department of Computer Science, University of Veszprém 8200 Veszprém, Egyetem u. 10, Hungary. PDF
  • Michael L. Littman, Susan T. Dumais, and Thomas K. Landauer. 1996. Automatic Cross-Language Information Retrieval using Latent Semantic Indexing. PDF
  • RAYMOND Y.K. LAU, PETER D. BRUZA, and DAWEI SONG. Towards a Belief Revision Based Adaptive and Context Sensitive Information Retrieval System. PDF
  • Horacio Arlo-Costa. 1998. Belief Revision Conditionals: Basic Iterated Systems. Carnegie Mellon University. PDF
  • David E. Losada and Alvaro Barreiro. Using a Belief Revision Operator for Document Ranking in Extended Boolean Models. Dept. Computer Science, University of A Corunna. PDF
  • Sebastian Marius Kirsch. 2004. Similarity Thesauri and Cross-Language Retrieval. PDF
  • Rifat Ozcan, Y. Alp Aslandogan. 2004. Concept Based Information Access Using Ontologies and Latent Semantic Analysis. Technical Report CSE-2004-8. PDF
  • Tian Xia, and Yanmei Chai. 2011. An Improvement to TF-IDF: Term Distribution based Term Weight Algorithm. Shanghai Second Polytechnic University, Shanghai, China. JOURNAL OF SOFTWARE, VOL. 6, NO. 3, MARCH 2011. PDF
  • W. Aisha Banu, P. Sheik Abdul Khader, and R. Shriram. 2011. Information Retrieval through Mobile Device using Semantic Ontology. Information Technology Journal 10(9): 1747-1753, 2011. PDF
  • Preslav Nakov. Getting Better Results With Latent Semantic Indexing. Department of Mathematics and Informatics{So¯a University, and Rila Solutions, Bulgaria. PDF
  • Ph. Mylonas, D. Vallet, P. Castells, M. Fern´andez, and Y. Avrithis. 2004. Personalized information retrieval based on context and ontological knowledge. The Knowledge Engineering Review, Vol. 00:0, 1–24. Copyright 2004, Cambridge University Press. PDF
  • Nikolaos Nanas, Victoria Uren, and Anne De Roeck. A Comparative Study of Term Weighting Methods for Information Filtering. PDF

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